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At St Joseph's infant School, myHappymind helps us to create a positive mental well-being culture in which children build resilience, self-esteem and character, as well as teaching children how to self-regulate in those stressful times.  It is important that pupils learn that mental and emotional well-being is a normal part of life in the same way that physical health is, and they know how and where to get help during times when they may need additional support. 

myHappymind is taught across the whole school and consists of 5 units:

Meet Your Brain: Understanding how our brain works and how to ensure we look after it, so that we can manage our emotions and be at our best. Growth mindset is a key part of this too.

Celebrate: Understanding our unique character strengths and learning to celebrate them. This module develops strategies for building self-esteem.

Appreciate: Understanding why gratitude matters, its connection to well-being and recognising how we can develop gratitude as a habit.

Relate: Understanding why positive relationships are important and recognising the building blocks of good friendships and relationships.

Engage: Understanding how to set meaningful goals that matter and how to keep resilient in times of challenge. This module is all about building self-esteem and resilience too.

You can find out more about the programme here: 

What do our staff think about teaching Myhappymind?

"Children enjoy the happy breathing activities and always ask for it throughout the day as a way to calm down."
"The children loved the learning however would benefit from more visuals in happy breathing in particular."
"Class loved the character and was able to understand what their character strengths were and how they can change." 
"The children are aware how being grateful makes them feel and how to show appreciation to others."

"Children understand what active listening means and why it's important to listen."

Parent App

There is a free myHappymind parent app that provides an insight into the knowledge and skills being taught in school. As well, it provides access to activities that help embed good habits for developing positive mental health. 

Please see the letter below to access the myHappymind parent app.